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Dedication.    We are an equestrian drill team performing at rodeos, fairs, parades, and competitions throughout Arkansas and neighboring states. Whether performing in our hometown or in another state, the Chicks-n-Spurs Drill Team members are committed to providing wholesome, family entertainment to all generations. Our music and attire are carefully selected and edited to enhance the experience of the spectators. Our conduct reflects our respect and adherence to family values and preserving the legacy of our Fore Fathers. Each drill team member loves the horse heritage and strives to instill this love of horses in each child and each spectator that joins in our performance.

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Patriotism.    Nothing is more American than rodeo, particularly in the mid-west section of the United States. There is history and heritage that Chicks-n-Spurs Drill Team is devoted to restoring for children and all generations. Without deliberate education of our newest and upcoming generations, this heritage could be lost. Chicks-n-Spurs Drill Team is determined that this will not be the fate of rodeo and the horse culture that is the history of our great nation. We honor our Country and the Flag she bears with our Flag Routine and salute the Men and Women of the Armed Forces with our Fallen Hero Tribute.

Enthusiasm.    If you would like bring the Chicks-n-Spurs Drill Team to your event, see the Contact Us page for more information.

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