About the Chicks-n-Spurs Drill Team

Chicks-n-Spurs Drill Team began in April of 2005 when Sonia Litty was approached by the Mountain Home Area Chamber of Commerce and the Red White and Blue Festival (RWB) Committee and asked to secure corporate flag sponsors for the RWB Parade and Rodeo as part of the community Red White and Blue Festival on June 24 & 25 celebrating our nation’s birthday. The money donated by each sponsor helped fund the fireworks display on Saturday night of the festival. Sonia contacted her sister Shelli Jones, and together they identified and acquired the resources needed: 20 corporate sponsors, 20 flags to the sponsors specifications, 20 girls with horses to comprise the team, choreography, music for the drill and presentation of flags, costumes, saddle blankets, poles, and flag boots. In two short months, the Chicks-n-Spurs Drill Team was recognized as one of six organizations contributing the largest donation of $2500 to the festival.

The Chicks-n-Spurs Drill Team presentation of the corporate flags during the Red White and Blue Festival Parade and Rodeo was expected to be a once a year annual performance. As word of the drill team spread to area saddle clubs and fair boards, requests for their entertainment performances at various rodeos were received. A majority of the drill team members committed themselves to continuing the weekly practices and developed additional drill patterns to offer a variety to spectators. During the first year, Chicks-n-Spurs Drill Team performed 13 rodeos in 7 different towns driving as much as 2 hours one-way. At each rodeo the Team post colors for the Grand Entry, present the Arkansas and American flags, perform the National Anthem by horseback, in addition to regular performance and entertainment.

The Chicks-n-Spurs Drill Team created and choreographed a special tribute to the American Flag and pays tribute to the fallen soldiers. The presentation consists of a narration of 10 historical flags that have flown on American soil and the state of our nation politically and socially during each flags era. The narration is set to background music while each flag is presented individually developing a pattern centered in the arena. When the 50 star flag enters, it passes each historical flag which is lowered in honor of Old Glory, and the rider posts in the center of the circle. The presentation flows into the tribute to the fallen soldier with a music change and entrance of a rider ponying a rider-less horse with the American Flag draped and secured over the saddle. The depth of the emotion and patriotism that spectators experience is unmatched.

During the Fall of 2006, the team put guidelines, rules, and procedures in the form of by-laws to establish the drill team as an entity that would continue indefinitely into the future. The Chicks-n-Spurs perform in rodeos and parades each year in Arkansas and neighboring states.

"Whether performing in our hometown or in another state, the Chicks-n-Spurs Drill Team members are committed to providing wholesome, family entertainment to all generations. Our music and attire are carefully selected and edited to enhance the experience of the spectators. Our conduct reflects our respect and adherence to family values and preserving the legacy of our Fore Fathers. Each drill team member loves the horse heritage and strives to instill this love of horses in each child and each spectator that joins in our performance. Nothing is more American than rodeo particularly in the mid-west section of the United States. There is history and heritage that Chicks-n-Spurs Drill Team is devoted to restoring for children and all generations. Without deliberate education of our newest and upcoming generations, this heritage could be lost. Chicks-n-Spurs Drill Team is determined that this will not be the fate of rodeo and the horse culture that is the history of our great nation." – Chicks-n-Spurs

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